Add a Custom Domain to Your Website

Apply your custom domain to your new site and host it with Anima

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Custom Domains

Once you design your site in Figma, Adobe XD or Sketch and Sync it to your Anima project, you can publish it using your own custom domain and host it with Anima!

💡 Tip: Be sure to set up your DNS settings according to this guide prior to adding your custom domain to your synced project in the Anima web app, otherwise certificates may not be created properly!

Here are 3 steps how:

  1. Create a CNAME and an ‘A’ record in your domain provider settings

  2. Add your Custom Domain to your Anima Website Settings

  3. Publish your project

  4. Confirm DNS settings and check examples

1. Create a CNAME Record

Create a CNAME record that points your domain to our servers:

  • Type: CNAME

  • Host (Name): www

  • Points to (Value/Destination):

Next, we are going to set up the “naked” domain which is your domain but without the ‘www‘.

Create a new ‘A’ record:

  • Type: A

  • Host (Name): @

  • IP Address (Value):

Now, your websites should be accessible from:


  • To avoid any conflicts, your domain provider’s settings should only have these two Anima records. Please delete any other existing records.

  • ❗️Domain changes can take between a few minutes to a few hours to take effect.

2. Add a Custom Domain

The next step is to add your domain to your Projects settings:

  1. Go to your Projects dashboard and open the project you want to publish

  2. Go to your Project Settings (⚙️ symbol at the top-right corner of the screen)

  3. Go to the Prototype Link tab and under Custom Domain, enter your domain name, including 'www'. Click Add

  4. Enter your 'naked' domain name without ‘www‘ as well and click Add

3. Publish your website

  1. Open any page of your project

  2. Click Publish (If your project is already published, you'll see the button Visit site)

4. Confirm DNS settings and see examples of how settings should appear in your hosting service:

💡 Tip: We suggest double checking your DNS settings from this site (and select DNS lookup) to confirm that your A Record and CNAME are set up correctly!


Google Domains

❗️If you have an SSL or security issue with your custom domain, please check out how to fix it in this article or contact our support team at or in the chat with your domain name and Anima account email address.

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