In this guide we are going to take a look at how developers in your Team can see your design Specs using Anima.

Guide Overview

  • How to share Specs
  • Viewing Pins Specs
  • Viewing Stacks Specs


How to Share Specs 

Once your design is finished and you’ve specified Layout properties, it is time to share Specs with developers.

Step 1: Sync

  1. Go to the Export tab of the Anima panel 
  2. In Specs, click Sync 
  3. Select the Project/Team you would like to Sync it to
  4. Click Sync, and then Open 

Step 2: Share

  1. Click Share in the top right corner of the inspector screen
  2. Assign your team if not already assigned
  3. Optional: Invite guests which are not team members to view 


  • If developers do not need to edit designs, add them as Viewers, it’s free!

This screenshot shows how to Sync your design to your Project

This Screenshot shows how to access your design Specs for your Project

This screenshot shows how to share your design Specs

What Developer Can Inspect in Specs

Now let’s take a look at how a Sketch design with Anima Layout features look in the Specs inspector.

This screenshot shows that in Sketch, in the selected 'MenuButton' layer, the Top and Right Pins are selected.

This screenshot of the Specs in the browser, shows that selecting the same “MenuButton” layer in the browser, reveals the Layout specs as well. 

It also shows that the selected “MenuButton” layer is pinned to Top and Right by 20px.

It Works With Stacks as Well

What Designers see in Sketch👇

What Developers see in Browser 👇

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