If you want to make sure that the SSL certificate for your website is correctly installed, secure and doesn't give any errors, you can use this SSL checker.


  • If you have two domain names, with and without ‘www‘, make sure you added each one into your project settings. Don't forget to click "Save Changes".

  • Check the SSL settings for both domains in the SSL checker. To avoid any conflicts, your domain provider’s settings should have only two records.

  • If one of your domains is not secure, you'll see the mismatch error.

The error above can be caused by numerous IP addresses of the hostname.

Here are a few steps of how to fix it:

  1. Go to this website to find out how many addresses your domain has.

  2. Make sure that you have only one IP address, otherwise remove the extra ones from your domain provider's settings.

  3. After removing the extra IP addresses, please contact us. You can use the chat bubble here, or email support@animaapp.com.

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