It's Time to Collaborate 

Once you are happy with your design in Sketch, Adobe XD, or Figma, and want to start collaborating with others, how do you share your work?

With Anima, you can share a Project, create Teams, assign different Access Levels, receive feedback as Comments, and more, all in one place.


In this guide, we will learn how:

  1. Create a Team

  2. Create a Project

  3. Sync design to Project

  4. Invite members to collaborate

  5. Assign Member Access Levels 


Step 1: Create a Team

Anima automatically creates a team for you upon sign up but if you wish to create a new one:

  1. In the Anima web app, click "Create New Team" at the bottom left corner of the screen.

  2. Give the Team a name and click Create Project.

Step 2: Create a Project:

Now that you have a Team in the Anima web app, we are going to add a Project where other Members can join it and collaborate.

  1. After Creating a Team, click "New Project" from the top right corner

  2. Give the project a Name and click ‘Create Team’

Step 3: Sync Design to Anima Project

Your team member won't be able to see your design updates until you sync them to the Anima Project.

This can only be done from within your design tool using the Anima plugin:

The chart below explains who can see and edit your work.

Learn to Manage Access Levels.

Step 4: Add Members to Your Team

  1. In the Anima web app, select your Team from the Sidebar

  2. Click "Invite" from the top of the dashboard

  3. Select the Access level from the dropdown menu (Contributor or Viewer)

  4. Generate an Invite Link or send them an invitation using their email address.

Step 5: Manage Access Levels

Notice that you can set different Access Levels to your Team Members:

  1. Go to your Projects

  2. Select your Team from the sidebar

  3. Click more options () in the top right corner and select the Members tab

  4. Here you can add or edit members. Click on the pencil icon next to the person you want to edit

Sharing Project Outside of Your Team

In your project click on "Share" in the top right corner and select to invite them as team members, guests or with a public link:

Team Members: This person will be invited to join the team and all the projects inside it. Collaborators are paid seats who can run the prototype, leave comments, publish and export designs. Viewers are free seats that can only preview projects and leave comments (both required Anima accounts).

Guests: This person will only be able to see the specific project you are inviting them to. They do not have access to the Subscription or other Account Settings. (Anima account required)

Public Link: Share your project as a website (Anima account not required)


When viewing the Prototype in the browser, click on the Dialog Icon to leave Comments and feedback.

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