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How to Manage Access Levels and Roles in a Team
How to Manage Access Levels and Roles in a Team

How to change access levels and roles between viewers, contributors, admin, and more

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It's Time to Collaborate!

With Anima, you can share Projects, create Teams, assign different Access Levels, receive feedback as Comments, and more, all in one place.

In this guide, we will go over the different Access Levels and Roles you can assign to your Team Members.

Please follow this guide to learn how you can share Projects, create Teams, and invite members to collaborate.

Guide Overview

Each team member is assigned with both a Role and an Access Level.
The available Roles are:

  • Owner

  • Admin

  • Member

Note: Admins are found under the Team Members list

The available Access Levels are:

  • Contributor

  • Viewer

📍 Quick Tip:

  • Contributors can sync design files to projects and export code. Contributors require paid seats.

  • Viewers can only view and comment on Projects, and are free of charge

📍 Example Scenarios:

  • A person can be the Owner of a team with an Access Level of Viewer. This is suitable for a manager that wants to create a Team but does not need to contribute to the design work and therefore does not need a paid seat.

  • A designer wants to invite developers to view a prototype. The developers will only run the prototype but will not change it. By inviting the developers as Viewers, no extra paid seats are needed.

Access Levels 

There are two Access Level types available for each person invited to a Project with Anima.


  • Inviting viewers is free, and you can invite an unlimited number of viewers.

  • Viewers can view and comment on projects.


  • Each contributor requires a paid seat to a Pro subscription.

  • Contributors can edit designs, create prototypes, export code, and publish.


Three types of roles are available to assign to each Viewer or Contributor that is part of an organization. One type of role can be assigned per seat. 

⭐️ Owners:

  • Owners are responsible for managing Projects and Teams in an organization. 

  • Owners can delete projects and manage approval for new Contributor seats, billing, organization details, etc.

Owners can occupy a Viewer or a Contributor seat.

  • Owner Viewers often represent an organization as a member of management, finance, or IT. They help ensure your organization can smoothly update billing details or manage employee access at no additional cost.

  • Owner Contributors are able to manage the account and work on Projects alongside the team. They are most often department heads or team managers that run a design team.

⭐️ Admins:

  • Admins can do everything the Owner can except for deleting Projects

  • Admins are typically company employees who have access to Team Projects within an organization.

Admins can occupy a Viewer or a Contributor seat.

  • Admin Viewers are great for teams that collaborate across departments. Typically, Admin Viewers who join an organization are from engineering, product, support, or marketing teams where stakeholder input is needed on design work.

  • Admin Contributors have access to all Team Projects within an organization and are able to edit and manage design work. Typically, these people are on the design team.

⭐️ Members:

  • Members have access to one or more Projects they’ve specifically been invited to. 

  • Members do not automatically have access to all Team Projects within an organization. Members must be invited to specific Team Projects.

Members can occupy a Viewer or a Contributor seat.

  • Member Viewers are great for organizations that need to provide design visibility to stakeholders outside their company. Most often, Members Viewers are clients with access to a Project where they can comment, review, or export work.

  • Members Contributors are able to access work in specific Projects they’ve been invited to. Typically, Member Contributors are contractors or clients who collaborate and contribute to design work.

Edit Roles or Access Levels

As an Owner, you can change or delete Access Levels and Roles for your Team from one place:

  1. Go to your Projects

  2. Find and select your Team's name from the list in the left panel

  3. Select Settings from the top panel

  4. Go to the Members tab and select Edit

  5. Click the drop-down menu next to the user you'd like to change roles

  6. Choose Viewer, Contributor, Admin, or Remove to make your changes.

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