The message on the screen below means that there aren't any projects in the "New Project" Workspace... yet!

This guide will show you how to create a project.

How Create a New Project

  1. In Sketch, click 'Preview in Browser' from the Anima Panel
  2. The first time you do this, you will see the choice to create a new Project or add it to an already existing Project
  3. Name the new Project
  4. Select an existing Workspace from the Owner drop-down list or create a new Team
  5. Click ‘Create’

Now that you have a Draft of your design uploaded to your new Project.

ℹ️ Tips: Drafts

  • Each time you “Preview in Browser”, Anima creates a Draft of your work
  • Drafts are only visible to you
  • You can keep working on your Draft without affecting the live prototype until you Sync again
  • Personal is a workspace for personal use.  Examples: Projects outside of work
  • Teams are workplaces for your professional projects.

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