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How to Create a New Project
How to Create a New Project

Create a new project in your Anima WebApp

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This guide will show you how to create an Anima project.

What are Projects?

Anima projects are your way to share Prototypes and Design Specs.
Your projects are available at


Step 1: Create a Team

Anima automatically creates a team for you upon sign up but if you wish to create a new one:

  1. In the Anima web app, click "Create New Team" at the bottom left corner of the screen.

  2. Give the Team a name and click Create Team.

Step 2: Create a Project:

Now that you have a Team in the Anima web app, we are going to add a Project where other Members can join it and collaborate.

  1. After Creating a Team, click "New Project" from the top right corner

  2. Give the project a name and click ‘Create Project’

Step 3: Sync Design to Anima Project

IMPORTANT: Your team members will not see your design updates until you sync the design document to the Anima Project.

This can only be done from within your design tool using the Anima plugin:

ℹ️ Tips: Drafts

  • Each time you “Preview in Browser”, Anima creates a Draft of your work

  • Drafts are only visible to you

  • You can keep working on your Draft without affecting the live prototype until you Sync again

  • You have to sync the design to your Anima Project if you wan other team members to see it.

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