If you have a client that have asked you to purchase an Anima license on their behalf, here is how to proceed:

  1. Visit our pricing page in order to gather pricing information (we do not have discount pricing for resellers)

  2. Choose the plan: Pro or Prototype

  3. Choose the billing cycle: Annual (20% less compared to Monthly) or Month-to-Month

  4. Send an email to contact@animaapp.com with the following information:
    a. Subject "Reseller Purchase" with PO number
    b. Plan
    c. Billing Cycle
    d. Quantity of licenses needed
    e. End-user's email address [Optional] 

  5. We will send you an invoice to pay for the order

  6. Once the invoice is paid, we will upgrade the client's account.

  7. We will notify you once the client account is upgraded (within 24 hours of payment).

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