What are Projects?

Anima projects are your way to share Prototypes and Design Specs.
Your projects are available at projects.animaapp.com

Creating a Project from Sketch

A window will pop up to let you select a project or create a new one.

  • To connect this file to a different project, use Export Tab > Sync.

Private Drafts

Great! You can now see a private draft of your design in browser and play with it. No one else has access to your Draft.

Sync to Project

Click Sync to update your project with this Draft content. This will make the changes visible for your team and everyone you've invited to this Project.

Create your Team

Working in a team makes it easy for multiple Designers to update the same project, and for developers or stakeholders to see your latest synced design. Learn how to create a team.

To share a new project with your team, click Share, and select your team:

Sharing Outside the Team

If you wish to invite specific clients or collaborators to a Project, and they are not on your team - You may easily invite them by clicking Share.

Invite by Email (2 above) or share a Public link (3 above).


Your project is private to you, to the team you've shared it with, and the collaborators you've invited. 

Selecting "Enabled public link", allows anyone with the link to see your Prototype.

Create your First Prototype!

Now that you've mastered Projects, it's time to create your first Prototype! Here's an Introduction to Prototypes.

Learn More

More tutorials: 

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