Introduction to Prototypes

Say Hello to High-Fidelity Prototyping, Inside Sketch, Adobe XD, or Figma

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Test user experience without going through a development process.
Responsive Layouts, Interactive Components, Animations, Videos, Forms, and more, all created with a visual interface inside Sketch.

Getting started

Anima Prototyping features overview

Easily add Links to define the complete flow of your product.
Sketch native links also work in Anima.

Popups, Drop-down Menus, Hamburger Buttons are just some examples of what you can do with Overlay Links.

Learn more about Links.


Use Breakpoints to share a single link that just works for mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Create a responsive design that fits all screen sizes.
Simply connect multiple artboards to say that they are actually the same screen. It’s that easy.

Share the same prototype for all platforms - mobile, tablet, and even multiple desktop sizes.

Learn more about Breakpoints.

Smart Layers

Smart Layers help you design realistic prototypes with just a few clicks.

Create live forms with real input fields. Add Hover effects and animations. Embed videos, GIFs, and even HTML code.

Learn more about Smart Layers:
Entrance Animations, Hover Effect, Fixed Position,  GIFs & Videos, Forms, and adding Embedded Code.

Preview in Browser & Collaborate

Time to see it comes to life!
Hit Preview in Browser and see your design live in the browser, responsive and interactive.

Now you can share it with your team, stakeholders and clients, and collaborate with comments on top of it.

Learn more about Projects.

Interactions & Animations

Turn symbols into interactive components.
Add states, and drag and drop layers in each state to animate.

Add click, hover or a timer to trigger state transitions.
Use the Timeline to perfect transition timing & curves.

Interactive components can be nested just like symbols.

Step-by-Step tutorial: Creating a High-Fidelity Prototype.

Learn More

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