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How Do I Add a Chatbot to My Site?
How Do I Add a Chatbot to My Site?
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This article will walk you through all the things you can do with Widgets from Embed Code

Widgets can perform different functions from a variety of categories:

  • Gumroad — Add E-Commerce and sell stuff.

  • — Live chat for your website

  • User or Stakeholders Feedback — Great for iterating on your design

  • Analytics — Google Analytics/Mixpanel/Statcounter

  • Restaurants table ordering — With Open Table

  • Social media feed by — Display a feed of your social media

  • Marketing — HubSpot, Marketo — Track your leads

  • And much more

On top of that, we will be constantly adding more Widgets that will extend the feature set for websites you can build with Anima.

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