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Exporting to Zeplin, Craft, Marvel or Other Tools
Exporting to Zeplin, Craft, Marvel or Other Tools

How Anima handles exports to other plugins and platforms

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**This only applies to Layout features in Anima for Sketch**


InVision has adopted Anima's API, so simply sync using the Craft plugin.


With Zeplin, you'd need to select Export with Anima from Zeplin menu:

Marvel and Other Tools

We strive to support cross-platform compatibility with other essential design tools. Many external platforms may not recognize some properties of layers edited with the Anima toolkit, so we've included a feature that helps prep your Sketch files for use in other applications.

Export Breakdown

When you click 'Prepare Export for Other Plugins,' Anima creates a duplicate Sketch file to preserve your original. The new Sketch file will detach all of your symbols and simplify all layers to avoid any issues in translation to other programs.

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