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FAQs for Anima plugin for Figma's prototyping and design capabilities

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Why isn’t my design responsive?

Anima produces responsive code, but it’s important to first set the proper conditions in Figma and the Anima plugin in order to receive optimized results.

  1. Use Figma’s auto layouts feature (better results than constraints)

    • We convert Figma’s auto layout into CSS Flex.

  2. Add breakpoints with Anima plugin

    • Design your screen in multiple frames, like desktop, tablet & mobile

    • Click Responsive Pages and select the frames

How do I sync my file to Anima?

  1. Select designed screens and click Sync at the bottom of the plugin

  2. Create a new project if necessary

Check out this article for a more thorough walk-through

Does Anima support Figma’s native interactions?

Yes, Anima does support most links/interactions created in Figma’s Prototype mode. For a complete list of what is and is not yet supported, check here.

Does Anima support Figma’s interactive components?

Currently, Anima supports Figma’s on click and while hovering triggers. For a complete list of what is and is not yet supported, check here.

Why doesn’t my synced design look the same as it did in Figma?

This could happen for a number of reasons. For starters, we suggest checking out our Best Practice article to learn how you can best set up your Figma design with Anima, in order to optimize the results.

💡 If you’re exporting code with Anima, this Best Practice article will be even more helpful!

How do I add hover effects and entrance animations?

You can add both of these effects using the Anima plugin. Here's a guide for adding hover effects and entrance animations that should help.

How do I create an interactive form?

You can add live text inputs & submit buttons using the Anima plugin. This will allow your site visitors or prototype testers to type real text into a contact form or newsletter subscription to simulate a real website.

Why don’t I see the prototype features I added with Anima in my Figma preview?

Not to worry! Any prototyping features you added via the Anima plugin, such as hover effects, entrance animations, live text inputs, breakpoints, etc. will only be visible in your synced or exported project and not from Figma’s preview.

How do I publish or share my project?

Click Publish at the bottom of your Anima plugin and you’ll get the public link of your project to share. Pro users can also add a custom domain to their site, read more here.

Are you a Developer? Check out our Dev Mode Plugin FAQ!

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