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Design realistic prototypes faster and convert them into responsive code, with Anima plugin for Figma 😎!

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In this article, we’ll show you how to create high-fidelity code-based prototypes in Figma, then export those prototypes as developer-friendly code in just a few clicks. Don't forget, you can always host your synced project with Anima or export the generated code and implement it as you please!

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Turn your Figma Design into a Functioning Website

Anima supports Figma's design and prototyping capabilities, as well as additional features that can be added using the Anima plugin. Below you'll find an overview of each feature, feel free to explore the linked articles and videos to learn more about each one!

1. Add Responsiveness to Your Website

Use Figma Constraints/Auto layouts and Anima's Breakpoints to make your website look great on all devices.

2. Add Entrance Animations

Add life to your website by animating a component when visitors arrive at the page.

3. Add Hover Effects

Enhance your site with interactive, eye-catching Hover effects and entrance animations using Anima.

4. Add Media (Videos, GIFs, Lotties)

Add Media to your design from Youtube or a local file!

5. Create Live Forms with Text Inputs and Submit Buttons

Text inputs & Submit buttons allow your site visitors or prototype testers to type real text into a contact form or newsletter subscription to simulate a real website. If you're hosting your site with Anima, you can even receive live results directly to your personal e-mail address!

6. Add Parallax Scroll

Create the appearance of depth on your site by adding Parallax scroll effects.

7. Embed Code to enhance functionality

Add Embedded code on a layer, screen or project level to further customize your design and enhance functionality.

8. Translate Design into Code

Preview and sync your Figma designs and translate them into clean, reusable HTML/React/Vue code.

9. Publish your Figma design as a live website

Use Anima's Public link or Connect your domain and go live with your site in minutes!

Manage Design Systems

Bring Storybook components into Figma

Manage your design systems automatically by syncing your Storybook with Figma.

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