Make your prototypes and sites more interactive and impressive by adding a horizontal scroll effect to different sections of your design. Horizontal scroll is a great feature to use for a section containing many images, cards, or other sequential elements. Anima supports XD's native horizontal scroll option, and setting it up is simple!

Add the Carousel / Horizontal Scroll:

  1. Once you've designed or inserted the relevant elements into your XD file, select them all, and click the horizontal Scroll Groups icon in XD's right side panel, or click β‡§βŒ˜H, then drag the section into the relevant artboard.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Be sure to resize the section's scroll boundaries to meet your needs within the artboard.

3. Repeat for all relevant sections, then Preview and Sync to your Anima project to see it live!

Go Live or Export Code

Once your project is good to go, you can go live with Anima's generated public link, add your own custom domain or export your code framework of choice!

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