How are my screens arranged in Anima?

How screens are uploaded and how to organize your Anima Project with Sections

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In what order are my screens uploaded into Anima's Web App?

If your artboards are linked together, they will upload to Anima in that order.

If you set up a homepage in XD, that screen will be played first, and all other screens connected by links will play afterwards within your flow.

Rearrange Screens using Sorted By Feature

You can also choose to arrange your screens by Last Updated, Date Created, Name A-Z, or Sections.

Arrange by Sections is a feature in Anima’s web app that helps you to visually organize your Anima projects and let you find a specific screen faster.

You can split the uploaded screens into Sections such as: Sign up flow, Checkout flow, or elements such as Navigation, Menus, Contact forms, Profiles, etc.

How does it work?

First, click on the dropdown menu 🔽 in the top right corner and select Sections.

* Note that the default sorting mode is Last updated.

This will create a section named “Main Section” which you can rename by clicking on its title.

Creating New Sections

Create new sections by placing the mouse cursor between screen thumbnails and clicking on the red line.

Anything to the right of the red line will become the new section named "Untitled Section."

Re-arranging Screens and Sections

Placing the mouse cursor over the white portion of the screen’s thumbnails allows you to click and hold to drag them around and arrange them in the order you prefer.

Also notice that the sections order can also be re-arranged by dragging them up or down. The sections can also be collapsed so you can only focus on the screens that you are working on.

Deleting a Section

To delete a section, click on the three-dots menu of the section you want to delete and click “Delete section” from the drop-down menu.

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