XD features

How to make a prototype with XD and Anima

Native Adobe XD features

Is it supported?

Responsive resize and constraints


Create Responsive Adobe XD Prototypes Using Anima

Prototype and animation


a. Tap

b. Time

Action Type:

a. Auto-Animate

b Transition

c Overlay

d Previous art-board

Animation Type:

a. None

b. Dissolve

❗️Please note that Anima doesn't support native XD hover effect. Use the Anima hover effect instead.

Components states

Not yet

👌 Supporting component states is in our road map. Meanwhile, you can use our Widget Library (Material design) to create Checkboxes, Radio buttons, Toggles, Sliders, Drop-down, FAB and other widgets from the library.

Adobe Fonts


Masking with shapes


Repeat Grid


Content-Aware Layout (padding and stacks)


❗️ Please note: Any interactions set via the Anima plugin will not appear in XD's preview, but rather within the Anima preview/synced designs!

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