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How to Create an Overlay
How to Create an Overlay
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Haven't got Anima plugin for Sketch, Adobe XD, or Figma?
Here's how to install it.


  • An Overlay is a link type that lets you display another Artboard on top of the existing one rather than navigating to the new Artboard.

  • Overlays can be used for modal windows, drop-down menus, pop-up notifications, all without leaving your current screen.

  • Learn how to create an Overlay in Figma, Adobe XD or Sketch!

Create Overlay in Figma

Use Figma's native "Open" and "Close" overlay links

Create Overlay in Adobe XD

Use Adobe XD's native overlay link

Create an Overlay in Sketch:

  1. Select the Layer that will trigger the Overlay

  2. With Links, connect it to the Overlay artboard

  3. Check the Overlay box in Links

  4. Now, select the Overlay component and link it to the “Dismiss Overlay“ option at the top menu bar

  5. Change the Overlay artboard background color to transparent by moving the transparency slider to the left. Make sure that “Include in export“ is checked in

[Download] this High-Fidelity Prototype Sketch file to try it yourself.

ℹ️ Overlay Tips:

  • For a cooler Overlay effect, set its artboard background color to 70% Transparent

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