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How to Add Carousel Feature to Figma Design
How to Add Carousel Feature to Figma Design

Enhance your design by using Figma's native carousel or horizontal scroll feature

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Make your prototypes and sites more interactive and impressive by adding a horizontal scroll effect to different sections of your design. A horizontal scroll is a great feature for a section containing many images, cards, or other sequential elements. Anima supports Figma's native horizontal scroll option, and setting it up is simple!

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How to add Carousel / Horizontal Scroll:

  1. Once you've designed or inserted the relevant elements into your Figma file, select them all, right click and select 'frame selection', then drag them all into the relevant main frame.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Be sure to minimize the size of the container frame so that it's no wider than the main frame containing it.

2. Next, go to the Prototype tab in Figma and beneath Overflow scrolling, select Horizontal scrolling.

3. Repeat for all relevant sections, then Preview and Sync to your Anima project to see it live!

How to make your Carousel 'Clickable'

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