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Getting Started πŸ’ͺ🏼

Designers tend to spend a lot of time recreating existing websites in Figma, for inspiration, or uplift to existing sites, or many other reasons. This can be a relatively tedious and inefficient process. Not anymore! 😎 with Anima's new Convert Websites To Figma Feature, you can now turn ANY website into a fully editable, element-based design inside Figma, for a more practical and convenient design to work with.

πŸ’‘ Tip: The websites are even converted into Figma with Auto-Layout, so they're ready to be edited as is!

Save time and work better (by using this feature)! 😎

You may ask yourself: why and when should I use this? 🧐 Let's look at the following scenarios:

  • Seen an inspirational site you like? Don’t waste time recreating it!

  • Working on uplifting an existing website? No need to create it from scratch!

  • Joining an existing project with missing UI assets? Generate them in one click!

Do any of these sound familiar? This simple feature allows you to become a more productive and professional designer. You can now design more quickly, with greater accuracy and complexity throughout your design!

How To Use πŸ€“

  1. Open the Anima plugin > Click on Convert Websites to Figma

  2. Find a website that inspires you and Copy its URL

  3. Paste it into the "URL to convert" section

  4. Click "Bring it on" and get ready for some inspiration!

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