Updated Pricing Model
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๐Ÿ“ข Starting Monday, Aug 1, 2022 Anima will be moving subscriptions that were created before April 15, 2022 to our updated pricing model.

Useful Information:

  • Our updated pricing model for Pro users has been changed to include up to 3 projects.

  • All other Pro plan features remain the same and are fully accessible.

  • Users that have more than 3 projects are encouraged to download the code prior to Aug 1, 2022, as we will be locking all projects except for the last 3 synced projects.

  • Locked projects will not be lost and can be accessed by upgrading to the custom plan.

  • As part of our efforts to provide a happy experience for our valued users, we would like to extend a special offer, before these changes take effect.

  • Please schedule a conversation with us here to adjust your plan and take advantage of our special offer!

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