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There are two types of components in the component library:

  • Base components - The "building block" components.

  • Complex components - Components that contains sub-components (nested components).

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What's a complex component?

A complex component is a component that's made up of sub-components. Each one is very customizable in that you're able to edit each component's style and content and add to it as many items as needed.

Commonly used complex components include - tables, lists, tabs, menus, etc.

  • You'll notice an additional Structure tab in the Anima plugin if the component is complex.

  • Under this tab, you'll get a list of its sub-components.

Edit a sub-component

You can edit each sub-component's content and style.

  • Switch to the structure tab.

  • Hover over desired component and click Edit.

  • Next, you'll be able to see the component props that can be edited.

For example, this 'Tabs' component nests three tabs within it. When editing one of the sub-component, you'll be able to edit the tab title and the body content.

Add sub-components (items)

You can add more sub-components of the same type to the main component.

For example here, you can add more tabs (e.g. tab 4, tab 5...)

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