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Anima + Vercel: Hosting React apps
Anima + Vercel: Hosting React apps

How to deploy React apps to Vercel

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Anima converts designs such as Figma or Adobe XD into HTML / React code.

Vercel is a great service for hosting web apps.

Anima + Vercel


When you are ready to go live with your app, you will need to host your code so users can access it. And, to connect a domain. Vercel is a great option.

How to deploy React code to Vercel

  1. In the terminal, install Vercel tools:

    npm i -g vercel

  2. Deploy to Vercel


Follow Vercel instructions in each step to set up your application, and eventually, you will get a link to your live app. Congrats πŸŽ‰

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