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Why do I see an image layer instead of a Material component when I drag a widget from the library into Figma?

The image layer created is just a placeholder. Once you preview / sync the design with Anima you’ll see the real Material element.

How do I insert an icon into a Material element?

Material icons are actually a Google font. You can incorporate icons in various Material elements such as Text Fields, Buttons, and more. To do so, simply insert the icon name as described in the Google Fonts docs.

Can I edit the design theme / style of all my components at once?

Yes, click on ‘edit theme’ button. Right now you can only edit the project colors. Later on we’ll support typography and shapes as well.

Why can’t I find all of Material’s components?

We started with the most common components. We plan to implement more soon! Have a specific request? Share it with us here :) .

How can I edit a component I already added?

Simply select the layer and you’ll see the ‘Edit’ button in Anima panel. Click 'Update' once it's ready!

I am changing the widget layer size in Figma / XD but it is not reflected in Anima preview / sync. Why?

We follow the Material Design guidelines. Some Material elements have a fixed width / height. Changing the layer size in the design tool will break those guidelines. When you preview the element in Figma, you’ll see the correct size of the element as defined in the Material code.

You can customize some of the widgets' size from our widget panel (icons, slider, select, FAB)

When will Anima 5 be available on Sketch?

Soon! Stay tuned :)

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