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Evaluate Anima's generated code from a Free Plan
Evaluate Anima's generated code from a Free Plan

How to see and test the code of an Anima project without a Pro Plan

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If you're interested in reviewing the generated code of a project using Anima before upgrading to a Pro Plan, you can do so for free from our web app!

Here's a quick way to check out the code quality:

Sign up for a Free plan. Inside your Team you should see:

1. You can check out our sample project where you can explore some of Anima's capabilities. Keep in mind that you are able to export code from the sample project even from a Free plan!

2. Additionally, you can upload your own New Project from Figma, XD or Sketch and see the code inside your synced project! Check out this guide to learn how!

  • Once your design is previewed and synced to your Anima Project, you can open it up and check out the code!

  • Click on the <Code> button at the top of the web app navigation bar to enter Code Mode and preview your project's code output

  • From here, you may select any element in your prototype to view how Anima translates your design into code. View previews of HTML and CSS side by side in the lower panels, try toggling between Component and Styleguide, or explore your Overrides and Assets in the rightmost panel.

  • To change code frameworks, click 'export code' in the top right corner and then the settings icon ⚙️ to change between HTML, React and Vue:

Even while using a Free Plan, you can still preview the code and evaluate the quality to see if it meets your needs!

❗️ Exporting code and hosting on Anima is part of the Pro subscription.

Keep in mind you will be able to see the code on Anima’s platform and understand how it’s written, but you won’t be able to copy or export the code.

If you like what you see, Upgrade to a Pro Plan to export your project and bring it to life 🚀!

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