💪🏽 Anima empowers product teams by turning their designs into React, HTML, & CSS code. You can collaborate with your team on projects and speed up your workflow to focus on what really matters.

Getting Started 🚀

First, you'll need to:

👉🏼 Create an account at Animaapp.com

👉🏼 Download the plugin for your preferred design tool (Sketch, Figma, XD) here

What's Next:

  1. Design your project in your favorite design tool (Sketch, Figma, XD)

  2. Prototype using the Anima plugin: add links, hover effects, videos, and embed custom code

  3. Preview your design in the browser to see how things look

  4. Sync to a project in the Anima WebApp

  5. Collaborate with your team with comments

  6. Access working React, HTML, and CSS code

Check out tutorials and more resources in our Help Center

❗️Exporting code and hosting on Anima is part of the Pro subscription

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