1. Create your mobile app high fidelity prototype

In order to take it even further, and give you a better experience on mobile, we just launched mobile web-apps support. Meaning you can get a full-screen experience and have an app icon on your home screen.

2. Add an app icon and a name

After syncing your design to Anima, you may add an app icon and a name.

  • Go to the project page at projects.animaapp.com
  • Click the settings icon
  • Select the Website tab
  • Scroll to Mobile App
  • Upload an icon and add a name

In order to have a direct link to your prototype with public access, do the following:

  • Go to the project page at projects.animaapp.com
  • Click “Share”
  • Enable public link
  • Copy link
  • Open the link on your mobile device or share it

4. Add it to the home screen.

On iOS Safari:

  • Tap the Share icon
  • Select “Add to Home Screen”
  • Tap the newly added prototype icon

Try out a sample prototype

  1. Open the prototype link on your mobile phone: https://music-player-sample.animaapp.io
  2. Tap the Share icon
  3. Select “Add to Home Screen”
  4. Tap the newly added app icon

Video Tutorial

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As always, we’re excited to hear your feedback!

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