Embed Code can be added in 3 different levels:


  • Embedding a code snippet in a layer means the code will render inside that layer. Example: A Google map in your Contact page.


  • Embedding a code snippet in a webpage means the snippet will be embedded in that specific page. Example: Embed a chatbot only in your Support page. 


  • Embedding a code snippet on the website means the snippet will be embedded in every webpage of the site. Example:  Web tracking or analytic tools.

How To Embed Code

  1. Decide where you want to Embed Code: in a Layer, an Artboard, or Website
  2. In Prototype, expand the Smart Layers section and click on Embed Code
  3. The Embed Code panel will open. On the left you’ll see suggestions for widgets, but you can paste any code
  4. Click Save after pasting the code

Learn More

Get started with these tutorials: 

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