We are excited to announce Anima 3.0 🎉

Designers can now create Responsive and Interactive High-Fidelity Prototypes, all inside Sketch.

Anima 3.0 is a result of a long process of re-thinking our whole UI and workflow. We’ve revamped the UI of the plugin as well as the collaboration workflow to boosting your work speed by 10x.

We’re also introducing the concept of Drafts, Projects and Workspaces for High-Fidelity Prototypes, where you can bring your design to life in your own Personal workspace, or collaborate in a Team Workspaces.

Start by installing Anima plugin for Sketch, or Anima plugin for Adobe XD or, Anima plugin for Figma

Create Amazing Prototypes, Right Inside Sketch

Whether you’re designing a mobile app, a web dashboard, or a website, with Anima v3 you can finally have your team members, stakeholders, or clients, experience a real version of your design.

Why do you need High-Fidelity Prototypes?

  • Delivering experiences rather than screenshots.

  • Building consensus within your team.

  • Conveying innovative design ideas to stakeholders.

  • Saving precious time and frustration with your developers.

How to Build a High-Fidelity Prototype Using Sketch & Anima 3.0 ?

Responsive Layout

The first step for building a great design is to make it consistent and predictable by using our Layout features i.e Stacks, Padding and Pins.

Product Flow

Now that everything is responsive and adapts itself to different screens sizes,  we can continue to set up the Flow of our prototype. Use Links, Breakpoints, and Overlays to allow users to navigate throughout the prototype.

Sketch native links also work in Anima.

Smart Layers

If your design contains a video then up until now you might have placed a thumbnail of that video and told people to “imagine this is a real video playing”. Those days are gone. Simply set that layer as a Video and assign a video link to it. The High-Fidelity Prototype will present a real video player right there.

Add Forms, Videos, GIFs, forms, or even embed HTML code in seconds, using Anima Smart-Layers.

Preview in Browser

When performing the steps above, at any time you can quickly preview your prototype in your browser to make sure everything is working smoothly.

The “Preview in Browser” button is always visible for fast access.

When you click it, a Draft version of your prototype is created. Only you can view this Draft version. Even if you’ve already shared your prototype with others, you can still create as many drafts as needed before syncing your changes to the prototype you have shared.


After several iterations of building and previewing your High-Fidelity Prototype, it’s time to share it with your stakeholders*.

In your Draft link, click “Sync” to sync your changes to the live version of your prototype. Click “Share” for a share dialog and invite others to visit, or share using a public link.

Important note: You can create as many Drafts as you want. The live prototype link will not change until you sync your changes to it. This makes it easy for you to both be able to iterate quickly in your own playground while having others experience your Prototype without the fear of breaking it.


With Anima 3 you can set up a team, invite guests, or share a public link.

People that have access to your prototype can play with it, and very importantly can also comment on it.

This lets you gather feedback quickly and conveniently. Use this feature to build consensus within your team, or get a sign-off from your clients.

Learn More

Get started with these tutorials: 

We’re super excited to have you trying it out and hearing your feedback.

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