✅ Google Fonts

If your website uses a Google Font (for example Roboto), our system will automatically detect it and add an @import  of the font URL to the CSS file.

☝️ Mac OS Fonts

If your website is using a native Mac OS font (for example Avenir), then we are not able to automatically upload the Mac OS font file and link it via CSS.

Custom Fonts

You can now upload your custom font to Anima after previewing your design using our "Missing Font" feature. Here is how:

Anima Mac App Users

The Anima Mac app will automatically find and upload the font file to Anima.

Fonts Licenses

If you have the license to the font, then either you received the web font version of these fonts or you received a link to them accompanied with a snippet of @import  code.

For the font to work for all visitors, place the @import  snippet under Custom HTML tags in the Anima Project's settings > Public Link > SEO Settings > under Analytics :

Custom Fonts Fallbacks (Sketch Only)

In case you do not have the license for the font, visitors of your site that have the font installed on their computer will see the website just like you see it. But others (for example visitors with Windows), will see the fallback fonts. 

Our default font fallback order is:

<Your Font>,Helvetica, Arial, serif

You can customize the font's fallback order (Sketch only)

⚠️ Important! ⚠️

Beware that different browsers and operating systems may render some fonts differently than what you see in your browser and operating system.

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