Before Anima, advanced responsive layouts were only possible by using code. Anima brings the power of code into Sketch, with an intuitive visual interface

Brought to you by the creators of Auto-Layout for Sketch (Now Anima's Layout) and the first to introduce Stacks into the design world.


Build consistent Sketch designs with Stacks. It’s like Flexbox for designers.

Stacks allow you to make your design structured, consistent, and predictable by controlling how layers are organized, aligned, and resized based on other layers within the same Stack.

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No more Whack-a-Mole. Make your buttons dynamic by using Padding.

Padding makes your buttons resize themselves magically based on their content. No more playing whack-a-mole with dozens of buttons that have to be resized each on its own. Simply set Padding once, and Anima will take care of the rest.

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Leave guessing to Game Night. Define exactly how your design looks on all screen sizes.

Create responsive Artboards and Symbols. Boost Sketch resizing tools with the most powerful and innovative layout engine. 

Use Pins to pin layers by pixels or by percent, and cover the infinite number of screens that actually exist in the real world. Get the power of code without coding, right inside Sketch.

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